Alemplás was founded in 2004 by Nuno Bijoia, at the beginning of the economic recession that shook our country and Europe. As Nuno Bijoia says: "In difficult time there are great opportunities for business growth ".

In the first year of existence Alemplás imposed a staggering work rate. Driven by a desire for growth and success Alemplás starts the distribution of products and services in the agriculture area. Undoubtedly the exportation had a huge role in the development of Alemplás, today we export to more than 7 countries around the world. Some of our most valued customers have been working with us for over 11 years.

We are proud in maintaining the duty to comply with our "word", the moment we commit with a specific task the rule is to take this mission until the end.

Maintaining the quality and the honour of our word, we get our customers the primacy of our products and services.

In 2009, Nuno Bijoia CEO from Alemplás developed and innovated a product of excellence in the market, so he begins two lines of production in manufacturing plant Protectors. Due to the increasing demand of this product the production lines evolved to ten production lines that nowadays work 24h per day.

In the following year, in 2010 Alemplás expands its intervention area and offers its clients a wide range of services. It starts powerfully the accomplishment of services and development of agricultural projects.

Today we offer to all our clients the following services:

 Design and budget your needs. 
 We evaluate the soil and if necessary we fix it.
 We mark the land to any kind of planting.
 We carry out and provide materials for the process of trellising and tying the desired culture.
 We install the recommended protectors of plants and wood or bamboo Tutors.
 We configure and install the proper irrigation system 

In short we have created a service of "Turnkey" for your agricultural needs.

In 2015 Alemplás began to be requested to provide services in the area of irrigation systems and at that expansion time AlemplásHydro is born.

Today the Alemplás Group has specific departments and people who are specialized in important areas such as:

 Quality control
 Agricultural Engineering 
 Agronomic Engineering
 Forest Engineering
 Water Engineering
 Projects developed through the most innovative resources 
 Marketing Department
 Logistics Department

The Alemplás offers specialized and qualified staff in various areas, only in this way we can put at the disposal of our customers high quality products and services rendered. The knowledge of 13 years in the agriculture sector provides us with the experience the rigour and commitment in products and services provided by Alemplás.

Alemplás Group
We Protect Today ... The Future.