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 | we Produce and trade Agricultural Products |

Alemplás is a company dedicated mainly to manufacture and direct sale of protectors for any type of forest plantation or even agriculture.

Inherent to this area of intervention we sell all kinds of products/services used in any kind of culture (vine, olive trees, forestry, Fruit etc. ...).
Our asset is that we are able to offer our customers high quality products at low cost. We have a solid team, complete and feasible in any agricultural area.

Through our 13 years experience in the market we are proud of improving and innovating our products/services every day.

We produce

We manufacture any kind of plants protectors. High-quality protectors that protect your Plant from weather conditions and rodents.


We trade

We sell all kinds of products for agriculture. From a simple wooden pole to the more complex Electrical Framework for irrigation Systems.


We export

We export to more than 7 countries, being our main products protectors for plants and bamboo Tutors. We innovate the agriculture market.


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Production And Trade Of Plastic Products ... And Not Only ...

Olive trees nursery

Our plants come from a licensed and certified nursery. They have their own box drainage in certified wood. It produces 15 to 18 million plants in nursery a year.



Get to know the products commercialized by Alemplás. We have a wide range of products for the agricultural sector.

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Nurseries olive trees

Did You Know That:

Alemplás doesn´t sell Only Protective Tubes For Plants.

Alemplás Also Sells Olives trees!

For more information, contact us.